Identify the Problems Hiding in Your Home

Get a home inspection before your warranty expires in the Concord, CA and surrounding areas

Do you have a home warranty on your new home? Before your warranty expires, you'll want to catch and resolve as many issues as possible. Ramey's Home Inspection does detailed warranty inspections in the Concord, CA and surrounding areas. We'll look closely at every part of your home to locate issues. Then, we'll provide you with a report of our findings so you can have them fixed under your warranty.

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Finding every issue in your home

Finding every issue in your home

A lot of wear and tear can occur in a year. After months of living in your home, you may want to get an inspection to address issues. A warranty inspection can help you:

  • Address any mistakes your builder made
  • Have any faulty systems repaired
  • Replace any damaged materials

Many builders will take care of a certain number of repairs during the first year in which you live in your home. If it's time for a warranty inspection, reach out to us today.