You are about to make the largest purchase of your life.

Let Ramey's home inspection put your mind at ease.

Now that you've found the perfect home to move your family into, let Ramey's Home Inspections come in and check the condition of every aspect of your new home. The sellers may have disclosed some issues, but are there any that were missed? Rest assured, we inspect your new home as if it was our very own.

Be informed before you close your deal.

Be informed before you close your deal.

The sellers may have been comfortable in their home and learned to live with certain defects, that doesn't mean you and your loved ones must as well. Our thorough home inspection will give you the knowledge and power to renegotiate your price or fix defects before you move in.

The most common undisclosed issues we find are:

  • Faulty power outlets
  • Poor or missing insulation
  • Leaking pipes under the house
  • Code violation

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Inspect before you buy

Never buy a home without having a thorough home inspection done first. Choose Ramey's Home Inspection for reliable buyer inspection services. Our certified home inspector can go over every part of the home you're considering buying. That way, you won't have to worry about purchasing a money pit that needs major renovations. Buyer's inspections can:

  • Help identify a wide range of hidden problems
  • Allow you to negotiate for a lower price
  • Help you avoid expensive renovations
  • Provide you with peace of mind

Call 925-595-7923 right away to schedule buyer inspection services. Only a certified home inspector can guarantee the condition of your prospective new home.